Drivers will tell you the same thing; owning a vehicle isn’t cheap or easy, and with prices constantly on the rise, it won’t get much cheaper. From petrol, diesel, maintenance and the general running of a vehicle, there are numerous elements to keep in check.

Saving money is a huge part of today’s living. If you’re looking to keep your costs down, take a look at ways drivers can save money in 2019.

A Tidy Car Goes a Long Way
It’s easy to let things build up in your car, from clothing to empty drinks to food. We’re all guilty of this. However, you may not know that the weight of unnecessary items in your vehicle makes your engine work harder to gain increased speed. This increases the fuel consumption which costs you money to refill. The simple element of removing waste and unnecessary items can save you money.

Smooth Driving Saves Fuel
Smoother driving can save the amount of fuel your vehicle uses. To save money, accelerate slowly to avoid harsh revving which impacts your engine. Ease off the accelerator when possible to reduce your fuel consumption and try to use the highest gear available when driving.

Plan Your Journey in Advance
By planning your journey in advance, you can keep a close eye on the traffic ahead and plan the best routes you can take to save not only driving time but the amount of fuel you will use.

Always Check Your Tyres
Checking your tyres is incredibly important when it comes to driving. Make sure they are at the correct pressure, as under-inflated tyres cause drag which significantly reduces your car’s fuel. Also, an inflated tyre often wears prematurely and unevenly, meaning you will need to change them more often.

Car Maintenance
A great way of saving money is ensuring your car is regularly maintained by professionals. A recently serviced car will use fuel more efficiently.

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