Did you know that 49% of people own a pet in the UK? Here at Pristine Car Wash, we’re no different – And our pet often gets attention from our customers! Harry celebrated his 8th birthday earlier this week (He says thankyou for the birthday cards!), 

Most people who own a pet are partial to taking them out for a drive, but do you know what the rules and regulations are? You could potentially get a hefty fine or run into difficulty if..

  • Your animals aren’t restrained. The Highway Code states that all animals need to be restrained, to prevent them from distracting you or other road users. 
  • It’s unlikely that you’ll get stopped for driving with your dog in the front seat, but most insurance policies don’t include an animal as a passenger. If you’re involved in an accident with an animal in the vehicle, you could run into difficulty..
  • Keep all doors locked and windows secured. Figgity pets can lead to problems.

That’s our guide for traveling safely with animals in your vehicle. Keep safe.

Pristine Car Wash.