At Pristine, we are much more than a car wash; we offer our customers a range of specialist services to help solve your car needs. We take care of all your car care needs, so you don’t have to. It’s not only important to look after the interior of your car, but also the exterior too.

We go above and beyond for our customers; we take care of your vehicle for you, hassle free. Take a look at what more we offer you.

Colour Restoration
Your vehicle goes through a lot, and over time, this can greatly impact the colour of your car. There are many reasons for this; such as paint damage or colour fading which can remove the shine of your paint work.

Our colour restoration service can make your vehicle look new again. From just £150, our three-stage paintwork correction can transform your vehicle into something looking brand new!

Roof Clean
We clean every part of your car, including the roof. We offer three different services to best suit you. Choose from our Interior Roof Clean for just £10 and our Cabriolet Roof Clean which ranges from £15 to £35. With the latter, we offer a traffic film remover along with a hand rinse and wash.

Interior Service
Accidents and spills happen, these can be extremely irritating and difficult to clean in a car’s interior. Our Biobrisk Interior Service is perfect for removing the milk spills, blood, vomit and other spills which may occur.

From just £35, we will treat all affected areas, ensuring all signs of previous spills have disappeared. For the best results, ensure to book your vehicle in as soon as the accident occurs.

We offer a huge range of specialtist services; take a look at what we could provide for you.

At Pristine Car Wash, our technicians include 23 years’ experience in vehicle maintenance and diagnostics, so you can ensure your vehicle is in safe hands.

If you want to find out more information about our services and special offers here at Pristine Car Wash – simply get in touch with us today on 01772 217500 or 07713588235 and we will be happy to help.