Car paint scratches can go unnoticed and ignored, but they can have a lasting effect on your vehicle; one of the main being a decrease in your car’s value. Additionally, the longer you leave it to repair the scratches on your car’s paintwork, the quicker it can lead to escalating rust problems which can result in unnecessary increased costs in the future.

These issues can be resolved easily with our scratch removal service.

Common Causes of Car Paint Scratches

There are numerous ways a car’s paint can be damaged, and it’s impossible to stop them all. However, with proper precautions you can avoid a great deal of auto paint damage and help your car look great for years to come.

Here are some of the most common causes of paint scratches on cars:

  • Infrequent car washes – everyday, your car is exposed to a variety of different elements. Rain is acidic, dust and other air pollutants are abrasive, and other car fluids like gasoline or oil can be corrosive as well.
  • Bird droppings – they are highly corrosive. Droppings that are unwashed will eventually eat away your car’s paint, so be sure to wash them off immediately.
  • Stones & rocks – these small objects chip the surface of the paint and leave openings that contribute to paint degeneration.
  • Fluctuating temperature – paint expands and contrasts with the changes in temperature. Over time, this will result in small cracks and openings that will allow the infiltration of moisture, salt, and other chemicals causing rust and rapid deterioration of the paint.

Our Scratch Removal Service

At Pristine, we are much more than a car wash; we offer our customers a range of specialist services, including scratch removal.

Starting from just £10, we can take care of your vehicle and remove the paint scratches hassle free. Why not go one step further and get the pristine service? We will hand polish & provide paint sealant protection from just £50, helping you to avoid these scratches in the future!

If you want to find out more information about our services and special offers here at Pristine Car Wash – simply get in touch with us today on 01772 746114 and we will be happy to help.