We offer our specialist skills to help solve your car care needs, if there is anything we have not mentioned don’t be afraid to ask as we aim to solve any car care problem you may have…

Paint Protection  Pristine Service, hand polish & paint sealant protection from £50 

Fabric Protection  Full interior wet valet, fabric & carpet protection from £50 

Alloy Protection  Pristine Service, deep alloy clean & protection from £25

Leather Protection  Pristine Service, hoover, leather clean and protection from £25

Wax ApplicationPristine Service plus hand polish & hard wax application from  £40. This is a great service to protect your vehicle during cold months. 

Machine Polish – Pristine Service, full machine polish & hard wax application from £65

Colour Enhancement– Pristine Service plus full body compound, machine polish & hard wax application from £100

Scratch Removal – Specific scratch removal from £10

Tar & Glue Removal – Specific areas treated from £10

Vinyl RemovalVinyl removal, tar & glue removal, Pristine Service, full machine buff on affected area & hand polish from £25

Tree Sap RemovalPristine Service, tree sap removal & full hand body polish from £40

Biobrisk Interior Service  – Biobrisk is ideal for removing the bacteria of spills consisting of Milk, Vomit, Blood, Urine or any other you may come across. Treatment of the affected areas only. For best results book your vehicle in as soon  as the accident happens. from £35.

Aromatek Service – This is ideal for removing stubborn smells i.e. smoke and any other lingering odours. from £80

Cabriolet Roof Clean – Traffic film remover, rinse, hand scrubbed from £15

Cabriolet Roof Clean – As above & sealed £35

Colour Restoration – Three stage paintwork correction from £150

Interior Roof Cleanfrom £10

Any other queries or to book a Specialist Service call 01772 746114

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